Do you suffer from migraines?

Do headaches interfere with your life?

Do you have light sensitivity?

Do you have problems with noise/sounds?

Do you have nausea?

~Dr. Randy has studied treating migraines for years and we would like to see if we are able to help you.

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We offer Low Dose Digital X-rays...

Low Dose Digital X-rays are a fantastic advancement in dental imaging. These dental x-rays are done electronically, almost instantly appearing on our computer screen, with approximately 75% less radiation. The benefit to our patients is that you would need eight years of these new state-of-the-art low dose digital x-rays to equal one year of the regular dental x-rays. The digital x-rays are also better because we can optimize the brightness and contrast, as well as enlarge them for easier viewing.

MidCoast Family Dentistry offers low dose digital x-rays because we have a commitment to bring the best of dentistry to our patients.