Do you suffer from migraines?

Do headaches interfere with your life?

Do you have light sensitivity?

Do you have problems with noise/sounds?

Do you have nausea?

~Dr. Randy has studied treating migraines for years and we would like to see if we are able to help you.

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Randy's Implant Reflections

Randy’s Implant Reflections:

Why would you consider having an implant?

Do you have a missing tooth and don’t like the space that has replaced it?

Do you have a spot that food gets stuck no matter what you do?

Has anyone ever told you that acid is eating away your teeth?

Do you have discomfort when chewing or can’t chew on one side because of missing teeth?

Do you have a flipper partial (a one tooth partial to fill in a space) that keeps breaking, moves, has clasps that bother or is just too bulky?

Do you have a denture that moves too much, is too bulky or your gums get irritated? 

Are you considering dentures in the future?

Implants are great solutions for all of these issues.  Implants don’t decay and don’t erode due to excess acid from your diet or chemistry.  Implants are the closest option for “getting back to normal”.  When considering tooth replacement, they are the most like natural teeth of any of the options available.  One benefit of implants is that you do not need to alter any neighboring teeth.

Implants can give you back your smile!  They can provide a more comfortable chewing option.  If you are routinely bothered by intestinal discomfort or acid reflux, think about if you are able to thoroughly chew your food.  If not, talk to Dr. Randy about options.

Implant supported dentures and partials are a terrific way to assist you in getting back to your way of life.  Implant supported dentures are typically less bulky, more secure and don’t irritate the gums like traditional dentures can.

Implants are a good option for most people, and are normally placed when the tissue is done growing.  They can be placed as young as 15 years old, but most often recommended for females to wait until age 18 and males to age 21 or later.  Dr. Randy has been restoring implants (placing the crowns) for over 10 years and has been placing implants (including placing the implant cylinder) for a year.  He looks forward to participating in additional courses dealing with more complex cases over the next year.

Like all dental work, implant success depends on what you do.  You still have to keep your teeth clean, have regular checkups and come in for regular appointments with your hygienist.

Some insurance plans do provide coverage, some do not.  We invite you to work with our team of Treatment Coordinators to determine what insurance might help with.


Why Aren’t We Answering?!?

MidCoast Family Dentistry holds education and training for the team once a month, this month is January 22nd from 7:30-10:00AM.  In an effort to stay in touch with patients’ needs, current on changes to insurance policies, up to date on trends in the dental field, remain active in proposed legislation in Augusta affecting the dental community in Maine and so many other things!


At MidCoast Family Dentistry, we are proactive in planning for patients’ appointments.  Hygienists and Assistants meet with Dr. Randy on an every other week basis and review recommended treatment for upcoming appointments so we can present the best options available for you.  The Treatment Coordinators research options to assist patients overcome obstacles; whether the obstacles are financial, insurance, comfort, relaxation techniques, etc.  For example, Dr. Randy offers mild sedatives for our nervous patients, we offer blankets and pillows for comfort, we also have video glasses available which are a great distraction as well as entertainment during your appointment.  These educational meetings benefit our patients, even though it takes time away during the day!


We are certainly not closed during this time, even though we will not be answering the phone.  If you need us, call and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as our meeting is over at 10:00!


We welcome your feedback and we always strive to provide superior care!


Always feel free to drop by our office for a complimentary tour. You may reach us by phone at 236-3100. We look forward to visiting with you soon.


Are you going to use it or lose it?

How often do we hear, “use it or lose it” in our lives? Vacation time, use it or lose it. Your brain, bones and muscles, use it or lose it. Many Health Savings Accounts, use it or lose it. Well, dental insurance money is no different.

Most insurance plans refresh on January 1st of each year. An average plan provides $1500 in coverage per year. If you have not tapped into that, you are throwing away $1500. Would you do that if your car needed help and you knew the insurance company would pay to replace your tires or battery? Would you get your car or house cleaned twice a year if it didn’t cost anything out of pocket? I am guessing you would work pretty hard to make sure your car and house got that attention! If you needed a new front door on the house and knew that the insurance company would pay $1000, would you have it fixed?

Unfortunately, the insurance benefits not used in 2013 will not roll over into 2014 and you will have to say good bye to the benefits you walked away from, and have already paid for. Yep, you paid for it! You and/or your employer paid a premium to carry the insurance. So let’s say your premium is $25 a week between you and your employer. Not too much, less than health insurance after all. Well, that is $1300 a year that you are spending and not taking advantage of!

So we already figured out that it is up to you whether you use what is yours or not. Let’s talk about your health. Fun topic right? Not if you are the kind of person who ignores the signs and has a “wait and see” approach when a tooth gives a zing or starts to get sensitive. Teeth don’t heal themselves, no secret there. Yes, symptoms can sometimes go away or at least get a little less bothersome. Most times the symptoms are just waiting for a late night return, possibly while you are on vacation or maybe during a long weekend. Certainly not when it is convenient for you! Why not get the problem addressed while you have insurance money and before it becomes a major repair?

We hope we can help you utilize your benefits before the end of the year! Our friendly Treatment Coordinators are more than happy to help you understand your specific and very individualized insurance plan.

We look forward to seeing you at your next scheduled appointment! Your commitment to keeping your appointments is greatly appreciated!

To schedule an appointment, call us at 236-3100.  For current news and promotions visit our facebook page,



How well do you know your dental insurance plan?

Did you know that each dental insurance plan can vary depending on the employer who has elected the plan on your behalf?  Each individual employer negotiates coverage and benefits on the employees’ behalf and believe me, employers work very hard to get the best coverage at the best price to help keep their employees healthy.  Unfortunately, and no secret being revealed here, health care costs are often difficult to manage.  There are ways you can help take matters into your own hands!

First, always keep your scheduled appointments!  Believe it or not, failing to show up for an appointment or cancelling an appointment the day before increases costs.  The people in the medical world know that it is very difficult to plan appointments ahead of time, we are human and share the same difficulties.  However, providers are still paid for time they were scheduled to be with a patient, whether the patient is at that appointment or not.  A new patient appointment at Midcoast Family Dentistry reserves time (up to an hour and a half) with a Dental Hygienist as well as time with a Dental Assistant and Dr. Randy.  One cancellation equals over two hours of sudden free time.

Second, and another great reason to keep your appointments, take a regular hygiene appointment for example.  If you are Susie Patience and you carry dental insurance, you are entitled to use $2000 a year in benefits including two regular hygiene visits per year.  If you come in February as planned, but then cancel your next appointment scheduled six months later, you are reducing the chance that you will be able to take advantage of the full $2000 if you need to have any kind of work done.  Trust me, we see it every year with a good amount of patients.  The sudden realization in the patient’s eyes saying, “Oh no, I still have money available that I could have used but I came in too late?!?”  You and your employer pay good money for these benefits…don’t miss out!  We often hear, “Well my employer pays my dental premium so it doesn’t cost me anything”.  Sure it does!  Any money out of your employer’s pocket is less money available for salaries, operating costs, etc.

Here is an example of how insurance plans vary drastically based on the employer.  Susie Patience works for a bank that has elected insurance through Dental Insurance of America.  Patrick Nicely works for a landscaping company that also selected insurance through Dental Insurance of America.  Susie has a higher maximum available ($2000) to use each year, a lower deductible ($25) and the coverage for a filling is at 80%.  Patrick has a lower maximum ($750), a higher deductible ($75) and the coverage for a filling is at 50%.  It is important for you to know what you have available to you and how much you are entitled to use every year!

Our friendly Treatment Coordinators are more than happy to help you understand your specific and very individualized plan.  It is impossible to know the intricacies of each employer’s plan, but we are very skilled at finding the information you need and we do our best to predict the out of pocket expenses for each patient for each visit.  For best results, we recommend requesting a predetermination (also known as preauthorization) to be sent on your behalf for follow up care.

We look forward to seeing you at your next scheduled appointment!  Your commitment to keeping your appointments with all of your service providers (dentists, doctors, hair stylists and auto care alike) is greatly appreciated!


90% paperless goal

You are probably expecting another “Let’s go green and save the planet!” article about how we need to save the trees.  Sorry to disappoint, but the team at Midcoast Family Dentistry has many reasons to strive towards a 90% paperless environment.  Despite how you feel about recycling (paper, plastic, glass, etc.) or your stance on renewable fuels, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on – the fewer resources we consume, the better.  Obviously it is better for the environment, but we jump to that so quickly.  What we don’t often think about is the time and expense that it saves.


So we all agree that it is better for the planet to use less paper.  It is better for our patients too.  When you call us with a question, we are able to access any information pertaining to your care with a click of a button rather than a “I will have to call you back after I have a chance to pull your file and look through your records” response.


Fees are reduced by:

  • ·        More efficient staff, less time spent in wages searching through and maintaining paper records
  • ·        Less paper and ink supplies required for maintaining paper records
  • ·        More communication via social media, email, etc. reducing postal fees
  • .        Reduction in storage needs (boxes, files, storage facility, etc.)     


A number of technologies have emerged that allow us to change our business culture and trends. Social media tools like blogs, email, texting and Facebook are drawing people into reading information online, interacting, and sharing experiences. Popular among the all the generations and certainly the modus operandi for the younger generations, these tools are also being used by Midcoast Family Dentistry to distribute informative articles regarding new dental research and products, fun things happening at the office, sharing promotions and many other events.


So, while you will continue to see some paper at Midcoast Family Dentistry, you can look forward to seeing less paper as we move forward with electronic signatures, social media communication and any means we can utilize to reduce our expenses and help our environment!